What is it with you Brits and cream? Hes it suddenly become illegal or what? Every single Coffee shop I’ve been into since entering the UK has given me a funny look when I’ve asked for cream with my coffee. Last year there was no issue, so why now? Even Starbucks and Costa, who have previously not so much as raised an eyebrow at my caffeine laced preference, and served up my order with a smile. “Sorry, it’s company policy.” Has been the repeated sour faced mantra every time I’ve asked why they no longer serve cream with their hideously overpriced beverages. I mean two quid for a cup of tea, hot water with a bag of leaves dipped in and surly service to boot. Clucking bell.

It looks like the Health Nazi’s have infiltrated the UK’s coffee shops and banned cream on the spurious grounds that it is bad for you. You know, like alcohol and second hand smoke. Yet people will happily push corn syrup or extra starch laced fast food false flagged as a ‘healthy option’.

Oh well, if the ban spreads I shall just have to order my coffee black and take my own cream in with me. Until the supermarkets stop selling it of course. In addition I shall also avoid Starbucks and Costa because as far as I’m concerned, they exist to serve their customers requirements. They built their whole brands on this premise. If they want me to spend my money in their establishments, they’re going to have to up their game a little.

Until I get home to civilisation, I shall be keeping up my caffeine levels with multiple espresso’s liberally laced with brown sugar. Sod the Fascisti

2 thoughts on “Cream”

  1. James, I see these various health fads as cyclic. If you look at the history books in detail, you will see how these particular manias (This or that will give you heart disease, cancer, whatever) appear to erupt every 30-40 years or so. Although at present there is so much ‘noise’ it’s hard to tell where one begins and another ends.

    I notice these ‘hyper anxieties’ arise mostly during ‘peacetime’. Almost as though when there is little to be concerned about, there is an underlying hypochondriasis which surfaces and becomes more vociferous.

    The Temperance movements of the late 19th / early 20th century resulted in the disaster of US Prohibition. Same as the moral panic over a relatively small number of drug addicts in the 1960’s eventually led to today’s bloody drug wars (Mexico, Columbia) and billionaire drug cartels.


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