On the road

Finally managed to snatch a few minutes to myself after a weeks long trip, with just under a week more travel to go. Lots of family stuff, but pretty chilly for mid July, which has rather taken the edge off things. They may be having a heatwave in the US Midwest, but it’s lower than usual elsewhere.

Currently enjoying the hospitality of relatives here in Northern France, where the glory of two hour lunches is still the norm, and even in the humblest of village eateries the food and wine is superb. The French attitude to EU directives is as always, refreshing. Cheeses made with unpasteurised milk are still freely avaliable. Local food is still in abundance. The smoking ban is in place for all indoors locations, but the French have a very flexible approach to ‘indoors’. While the slavish English hire legions of enforcers to exile smokers out into the middle of the furthest meadow to practice their vice, the sensible French cater for tobacco addicts with decent shelters and a Gallic shrug. Well if the anti-smokers and their theories of second hand smoke have any credibility I’m doomed anyway. For example, outside, but underneath the awning of, a crowded cafe yesterday I sat next to two guys dissing rap music and puffing away on Gitanes for at least an hour, so that’s me doomed. Cough, cough (Not). The cafe in question even laid out ashtrays. Whereas elsewhere in the West, even the sight of a smokers accoutrements would have the Health Nazi’s shutting the premises down.

Still marvelling at how poor UK customer service is across the board. The ‘rules’ and tick box model of top down management seem to make heavy weather of even the simplest of tasks until you get into a four star hotel.

I see the dominoes are still falling over the phone hacking by News International operatives, and that the whistleblower who might incriminate certain politicians has been found dead. Suicide? Really? A bit convenient that, wouldn’t you think?

There’s also the snippet that the BBC are going to ‘limit’ their coverage of ‘climate sceptics’? So no change there then. The BBC are so one sided on this topic everyone I meet seems to have noticed. Guys. No one is fooled any more. Well, no one with any critical thinking faculties, anyway. Perhaps when all the birds have come home to roost over the lamestreams intrusiveness into people’s lives News International, the Grauniad, the Beeb, and the whole damn corrupt shooting match will be found guilty, and we reach a little more honest perspective before the next lot of newsbreakers get sucked into the faecal vortex of power and privilege.

Hi ho. Everyone has returned from their afternoons perambulations (I take my walks early in the morning) streaming with rainwater, so must sign off to listen to their tales off ongoing deluge. TTFN.

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  1. The smoking ban is in place for all indoors locations, but the French have a very flexible approach to ‘indoors’.

    They do indeed – sometimes it’s hard to tell.


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