This explains a lot

Don’t normally read the Fail, but look at who Ms Brooks is cosying up to. Every screengrab tells a story. No doubt substituting Camerloons face would tell the same story. Tip of the virtual Panama to EU Referendum for the headline. Certain parts of the UK media have been far too cosy with Government. By their complicity, I would contend said sections of the media have indulged in the same treasons against the British people that Blair and Brown have.

You know, little things like selling their great grandchildren into debt, dooming the next generation to energy poverty, and taking away what little sovereignty they had. I know it wasn’t much, but as far as the various politicians are concerned, it wasn’t theirs to give away.

Blood and sand. It’s enough to make a man want to start reading the Grauniad. Although my advice would be not to hold one’s breath waiting for that to happen.

2 thoughts on “This explains a lot”

  1. Yeah, the words of the article aren’t as important as the picture of complicity between cosily duplicitous media and deceitful politicians. As for integrity; that is a very flexible concept in their lexicon.


  2. Not sure I agree with all the Fail have to say there.

    The integrity of The Sun and the News of the World started crumbling the moment Rebekah Brooks got her hands on them.

    Srsly? The most infamous of the gutter press did actually have integrity right up to the point Brooks came along? Come to think of it slagging off another paper about its integrity or lack of is probably batting a sticky wicket for most or all of the press, Fail included.


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