Have run out of things I want to say right now. Honestly. I’m rendered mute on the blogging front. There is little I haven’t said before in one form or another, and quite frankly me dears, I can’t be arsed to say it. Although I’m sure something will drift into view to raise the molten river of anger that seems to drive my postings. It’s just for the minute, like some volcano, I am quiescent.

Does this mean humanity is any less asinine, myopic and greedy? Politicians and their owners doubly so? Well, to put it in the merest lilliputian of Filbert casings, no. So no change there, then.

What else? Summer has finally deigned to put in an appearance here in the Pacific North West. About bloody time too, although our solar heated swimming pool won’t get used this year, mores the pity. Still, there’s other stuff to do, other writings which must claim my attention, oh, and travel. A fair bit of that in the next month or so. If something piques my interest I may post about it, possibly not. Tell you the truth I’m a little bored of online life, and must perforce go live my real one.

Not that anyone is remotely interested in that.


2 thoughts on “Erm…..”

  1. Uncle Bill,

    I’m in the same blog dilemma!

    Dunno what the weather is like down your neck of the woods, but where I am, it’s sunshine all day, every day. There’s camping, fishing, kayaking, swimming, jumping off rocks with kids, snorkelling and BBQ’ing at the lake every evening as the sun goes down….. phew….

    So, don’t apolgise, make sure you get out and enjoy some of it at least. The interwebs can wait!

    Cheers, take it easy!



  2. Fair enough. Go enjoy the outdoors while it’s enjoyable, the internet will still be here when you’ve got 2 metres of snow preventing you even opening the door. 🙂


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