The sound of shattering illusions

Well there go my rose coloured glasses. The Vancouver Canucks got trounced at home, on their own ice, by the Boston Bruins 4-0. What happens? Well, this. What a bunch of sore losers.

Next time the Canucks get into the playoffs for the Stanley cup, I hope Vancouver doesn’t bother with any facilities for Hockey fans on the taxpayer dollar. Especially if this is how the ‘fans’ repay such largesse.

I thought the violence was supposed to be kept on the ice. Looks like I was wrong.


One thought on “The sound of shattering illusions”

  1. Reminds me of last year’s AFL Grand Final. It was the Collingwood Magpies vs the St Kilda Saints. Collingwood supporters have a reputation – largely undeserved from my outsider’s viewpoint – of being a mass of unwashed, illiterate, feral, violent, thieving, semi-humans. A lot of jokes were being made that if they lost they’d trash the whole CBD, but if they won they’d trash the whole CBD. As it happens they won and didn’t trash the place, but a lot of places did run out of booze before closing time.


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