This ‘Slutwalk’ thing

I’ve been watching this develop for the past week or so, ever since a Police Officer in Toronto said words to the effect; “If you don’t dress provocatively, you’re less likely to be raped.” Which isn’t strictly speaking true, as rapists have been recorded as having some very weird tastes indeed. Although his imprecation has been known to be true in certain cases.

Now it seems a whole lot of fashion victims have got their panties (Which you can almost see, literally) in a bunch over one, repeat one Canadian Coppers mistaken world view.

As a stepfather, my only remark to Eldest when she tried to dress down to that level one evening was; “Ahem. Builders cleavage dear.” Rather than go down the outraged daddy thing of “Call that a skirt? It’s more like a pelmet! You’re not going out undressed like that!” I used a little mild mockery. Needless to say, the offending outfit immediately retreated to Eldest’s wardrobe and thence Oxfam without my further intervention. Kids love parental outrage, they hate it when you gently take the piss because there’s nothing to get on their own high horse about. That and making obvious fashion faux pas in front of family. Oh the embarrassment. Which is a far more potent parental tool than the wagging finger and shouted recrimination in my book.

My problem is the sheer disproportionality of the media coverage. To be honest I was thinking that the British Media’s silly season had started early. That and ‘Naked cycle rides’ making headlines. Yes, fine, cyclists making the point “We are vulnerable”, but everybody who’s ever ridden a bicycle know this. BFD (Big fucking deal). Anybody who’s ever ridden a motorcycle knows this. You try not to hit those four wheeled tin boxes because they bloody hurt, that’s why. As does gravel, walls of all types, and anything with a prickle. The world is walls of pain if you are careless or inattentive enough to come in contact with it. Oh pur-lease.

While these events do expose a lot of lovely, (and not so lovely) flesh pruriently speaking, I’m sure there are better ways of occupying one’s time. More important ones too. Like why the UK Government might as well be wearing a rising sun headband, and shouting ‘banzai!’, economically speaking, with all the half baked ‘green’ and ‘fairness’ policies (Like giving away billions to other countries who have Space programmes FFS!) foisted on those now-sorry isles.


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