Aggressively apathetic

Every day it seems a new power is demanded to ‘save’ something, be it the planet, some landmark or other, or people from the consequences of their own actions.

Now I’m not just on the side of apathy here, I really, aggressively don’t give a shit. I can’t force myself to care about those who undertake ill-advised courses of action, then come a cropper. The thought is; they were told they were being an idiot, they screwed up, now they’re dead / crippled / traumatized – why am I being told to run around screaming “Isn’t it awful?” Like some attention seeking High School drama queen. It’s not my fault they made a mess of things. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Furthermore, just because said hyperactivists have their panties in a bunch over something that might happen (and no-one can control), like terrorists food poisoning the food chain, or the weather getting slightly warmer or cooler. Or even non terrorists poisoning the food chain. I have to modify my way of life to ‘fit in’ to deal with some unsubstantiated ‘threat’. No. It’s all bullshit. All of it. Fluff. Meaningless column filler. Fark and churnalism. Self aggrandizing pompous puff pieces. Pure fantasy, and I say that as a writer of fiction. Maybe if people washed food before eating and stood up for themselves a bit more without it coming to a slanging match and punch up, they’d be a whole lot happier.

Less of the left wing bullshit might be beneficial. Whiny little tossers. Always throwing Dolly out of the pram because other people don’t share their lame brained subservience.

In addition, the people being exhorted to ‘do’ something by activists have no real more power than you or I. All they are good at is making pretty speeches, looking commandingly photogenic and pissing money up the wall. When it actually comes down to doing something positive and useful, they’re rubbish. Consistent failure to do joined up thinking and the law of unforeseen consequences sees to that. The truth of the matter is that answers to all your problems begin and end exactly where you stand. They’re your responsibility, not somebody else’s.

Excuse the pejorative, but I’ve just crossed the caring event horizon. Bad things happen. Good things happen. Things happen, and you can’t change them by throwing Teddy out of the nursery. I don’t care. If stuff happens, from a wonky wheel to a tidal wave I’ll roll up my sleeves and deal with it as I’ve always done, but I don’t see why I should waste my quality time on someone else’s imaginary pet peeve? Why should I have to change my life one tiny increment on some fatuous fatheads perverse prognostications? Apart from a brief pause to point and laugh at the human freak show they represent.

Do the bedwetters want my attention? Well they’ve got it, and my sarcasm, irony and disdain. This is also directed at their pantywaist political followers, and the thieving corkscrew bastards who can smell a fast crooked buck two miles upwind in a snowstorm. The media whores and attention junkies who parade their insecurities across the idiot box like they had substance. The people who can’t deal with real life and want everyone else reduced to a blithering spineless moron suckled on the largesse of a tiny unaccountable elite. I thought we ditched all that shit with feudalism and Empire? Well obviously the wussies want daddy to make it all better den because they aren’t mature enough to live their own lives. Too busy playing wiv der shiny toys all closed into the womb of subservience to be anything but a purposeless drone.

I have this to say; Just because you can’t handle real life doesn’t mean everybody else can’t. You’re on your own, and don’t come crying to me if it all ends in tears. I’m busy.


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  1. The people who can’t deal with real life and want everyone else reduced to a blithering spineless moron suckled on the largesse of a tiny unaccountable elite.

    You’re not happy with them then, Bill? 🙂


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