About Cookies and law

What he said.


6 thoughts on “About Cookies and law”

  1. Facebook login? Oh, that. It’s a WordPress thing like allowing you to leave comments with your Twatter profile, that’s all. If you want everything you say on Faecesbok recorded for all time, fine, use it. If not, what the hey.

    If people want to Worship the great Interweb Satan, who am I to stand in their way? That’s their look out.


    1. Yeah, I know. Just slightly surprised to see it here after all the aggro you’ve had closing your account. To me it’d feel like having finally seen the back of Gordon Brown, finally freed myself from his mucus encrusted fingers, only to find a miniature Gordon Brown sitting at my door offering to pass on messages from people who want to talk to me. I’d probably consider a flamethrower.


  2. Moving to another country… so far it seems to be working. Unlike the comments thing here. Really, Bill, a Faecesbook log in? You haven’t invited the internet’s Great Satan back in, have you? 😉


  3. Mind you, Bill, banning all music to prevent another Justin Bieber would also prevent another Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday and so it’s cheap at the price.


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