He’s a what?

I’m sorry, but if you believe some people you need to have had a quadruple credibility bypass. Such it is that I feel parts of the current US Presidents Irish tour have taken on elements of high farce. Well it’s making me laugh. From the Presidential limo getting stuck before it can even get out of the US embassy, to the claims of Irish descent (Yeah, right). Bullshit detector on overload.

As one who is genuinely descended from Irish migrants, at least on one side of my family, this whole business is arse squirmingly embarrassing. ” Jaysus, so he’s a bhoy is he now?” as one of my forbears might have vouchsafed in that curiously disbelieving way country Irish have of expressing scepticism about a Yanks claimed Irish heritage. I mean, six degrees of separation and all that, but really. All these claims have the flavour of a naked attempt at vote grabbing aimed at the notoriously partisan east coast US Irish population.

The more of these spurious declarations I hear, the more convinced I am that the current incumbent of the US Presidency is a construct, a front man shaped from his early days for a specific purpose. His progress seems too charmed, protected by hidden hands. Kind of from a ‘let’s build a president’ set. Sure he’s a great talker, he’s great at delivering speeches, very convincing. Yet, even if you discount all the ‘birther’ stuff etc, he still comes out looking like the product of a polished political machine. There is an air of artificiality, of a carefully crafted image that hangs around him, like a vaguely unpleasant smell you can never quite get rid of.

As for being Irish, maybe that’s one claim too many.


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  1. Agreed. I’m Anglo-Irish and I’ve done a bit of the family research, and it was all very interesting. But being born in England, brought up and educated in England, lived in England (until I left to go Down Under) and having never even visited Ireland until my late 20s I’d consider myself a plastic paddy if I started going on about missing apostrophes and coming from the Limerick O’Barmers or whatever crap he was coming out with. Though it wasn’t what he was getting at I blame Kennedy for starting it all with the “Ich bin ein Berliner” thing. And yes I know it doesn’t really mean I’m a donut either but it’s sure paved the way for a few of them.


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