End of the world countdown

Now this is was supposed to be a running post. Based on the prediction that today is the end of the world, or rather the beginning of the end. At 6pm PST, we are told, the first massive Earthquake will hit here on the Wet Coast, and work it’s way round the time zones. Prior to that at 6am around the world, followers of a particular religious proselytiser will be eagerly awaiting the Nirvana express and their feel their earthly shells drift up into the air to then watch the rest of us poor zeebs catch it in the neck. Superior bastards.

Now according to prediction, the true believers will have started to drift off in New Zealand at 6am Local time May 21st. Hold on a minute! It’s already the early hours of the Morning on Sunday the 22nd of May over there. No rapture reports. Oops.


Prediction FAIL

The only reasonable conclusion to draw here is that God doesn’t do apocalypses. Religions and cults do because it gives their believers something to look forward to, if looking forward to the violent demise of billions is an acceptable form of optimism that is. The cultists promise their followers heaven beyond which actually gives them (The cult leaders) physical power. Whereas if we say that we could do stuff to make life better while we’re actually breathing, said cultists will be often violently opposed because it undermines their control over their congregation. In short; the cults and cultists are the problem.

Various means have been tried down the ages to wean people off these ridiculous beliefs, from persuasion and ridicule to physical restraint and even execution. Nothing works. Because for all intents and purposes these people are insane, out of touch with reality and frothingly so. Like the ‘Green’ cultists and all the dietary doomsayers, they predict mayhem and disaster because it gives them power over the perennially petrified.

What I would say to anyone ever concerned about the ‘end of the world’ is; look guys, we’re all going to die of something, someday, and all we can hope for is relief from the pain. What’s the point of worrying about it? It’s a waste of life. Your life. Got a real personal problem? Grow a pair and deal with it.