Yo! Canada!

First seen here on Wattsupwiththat. This is going to piss off a lot of pseudo-environmentalists, but there will be no Federally mandated Carbon tax in Canada. Yes! (Punches air in delight) There is hope.

“It’s off the table,” he (Environment Minister Peter Kent) told reporters Thursday after accepting an award from World Wildlife Fund International on behalf of Parks Canada.
“There’s no expectation of cap-and-trade continentally in the near or medium future.”

Now all we have to do is pressure the BC Provincial government into dropping their Carbon levy on gas and it’ll be a summer to really celebrate.

Oh, and the ban on incandescent light bulbs has been set back.  (Walks of whistling happy tune).


5 thoughts on “Yo! Canada!”

  1. Before you jubilate too much, Canada is now part of the North American Union run by unelected, unwanted commissioners just like the European Union.
    Keep an eye on their antics.


    1. Yes Patrick you old killjoy, but the Yanks need Canada’s oil. Politically they can’t intervene.

      Unless of course Obama’s planning to invade, but I don’t think the Chinese will allow that. They own all the dollars you see.


  2. Looks like I might have to consider moving to Canada.

    The loonytics are running the asylum here in Australia and the only difference between the rest of the professional politicians is that they sit on the other side of the room. The situation in the UK seems to be much the same as here.

    Perhaps there is some virus that politicians are susceptible to.

    Or maybe its just me.


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