New season

Was reading a book about the principles of Democracy outside our local Tim Hortons when a guy in his early sixties wanders over, and in that curiously endearing way Vancouver Islanders seem to have, shrugged his shoulders and said to me; “At least you can stand outdoors and not get soaked today.”

“You got that right.”  I replied, wondering in my slightly paranoid English way what was coming next.  I almost looked over my head to see if some sort of illuminated sign saying something like “Talk to this man – he loves crazy people” had appeared.

“You know, I was talking to my daughter this morning, and she said what with all the rain and stuff people were thinking of renaming Spring.  You know what she said?”  He continued, apropos of nothing.

“Go on.”  I said, knowing that this was one of these unpremeditated jokes people round here like to tell to total strangers.

“Sprinter.”  He grinned.  I chuckled.  Then he ambled inside to get his coffee.  He was probably telling the same gag to everyone he met.

Never seen the guy before.  Probably never see him again.  But he’d gone out of his way to crack a corny gag with a complete stranger.

Mind you, locally speaking, it has been unseasonably cool so far this year.  Normally temperatures are far higher during mid May.  At least if local memory is to be trusted.